About Us

Welcome to Forever Nauti our nautical themed store! We are passionate about providing high-quality products to our customers. Our team consists of folks who share a love for all things nautical. From apparel to floormats, shoes and stickers, we offer a wide selection of products that are perfect for anyone who loves the sea. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and deliver products that exceed your expectations. Thank you for choosing our store for all your nauti needs.

Ever since I became an adult, around age 9, I've dreamt of owning a boat.  Not just any boat but a fine boat that floats and doesn't stink and people don't get queasy when they're near it.  You know the kind.  The problem with boats is that they're expensive.  Especially the kind that float, don't stink, and people can be near it.  You know, without getting queasy.

For most of my life I've owned my own businesses except that time I spent in the military starting around age eleven.  You can make decent money owning a small business but you rarely have any spare time, like for boating.  Same old dilemma, if you have money you don't have spare time.  If you have spare time you don't have money.  Of course this became exasperated at age 12 when I discovered cars, alcohol, drugs, girls, and Wall Street.  I was busy 27 hours a day, boats and boating fell off the radar.

Meanwhile got married, had two great kids (The kids aren't into boats.  Thinking about having a paternity test done.) worked a lot and managed to save a little money.  Now I'm retired and have saved the down payment for a new boat.  Currently the object of my desire, besides a fresh margarita, is a Ranger Tug R-27OB.  It's a perfect fit.  Big enough to do some serious cruising yet small enough to be towed with a 3/4 ton truck.  I've heard these boats float pretty well, don't stink, and people who own them like them.

The idea (dream) is to build the ForeverNauti brand working from the boat while cruising the coasts and eventually completing The Great Loop.  Of course there will be the obligatory You Tube channel with cool drone shots of the boat not sinking and stuff.

So please buy our stuff.  Buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone. 

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DISCLAIMER:  Although most of the money earned from sales of our merchandise will go towards living the nauti lifestyle, some will go to keeping us neck deep in margaritas.  Which we consider an important part of the nauti lifestyle.

Thanks for dropping by.  See you on the water,